About Me

My name is Alberto Martínez, I am passionate about apitherapy and natural healing. I am a retired math and science teacher who studied Physics and Mathematics in college. My love of bees and bee products dates back over four decades. In Cuba, my country of birth, I was a beekeeper for much of my life, which is how I first noted the marvelous healing properties of bee products. Today, countless hours of research later, I am convinced that the products of the hive can produce positive, and sometimes spectacular effects in the lives of people suffering from many ailments.

My qualifications:
  • Apitherapist: Passed the CAMC “Charles Mraz” test of the AAS
  • Certified Herbalist. TCM, Western and Ayurvedic Herbal Consultant
  • Acupressure: Tuina-Shiatsu. Based on TCM Meridian Theory
  • Doctor of Naturopathy: Nutrition-Food Therapy- Minerals- Vitamins
  • Certified in Chi Lel- Qi Gong: Breathing exercises, gentle movements